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away back
letterpressed, digitally printed and risograph book spiral bound


‘the assessment of ‘going away’ and ‘coming back is related to a specific point of reference. But the point of reference changes according to the level of observation.’ Bollnow. O, Human Space, Hyphen Press, 2011, pg. 47

This book is an exploration of the words ‘away’ and ‘back’. These two words suggest a place. A place that we can move away from and back to. But they also distinguish a centre, one that moves out in all directions and draws in from all directions.

The images reiterate the movement and action of the hand. A wave crashing on the shore and pulling back, a deck of cards being dealt. These represent movements that have a counterpoint. A wave moves up the shore and back down. A page rises and falls as it turns. A deck of cards is dealt onto a table, the cards flipping to reveal the other side. A page rises and falls as it turns. These motions are represented as an abstraction to what is actually happening with the book, the movement in terms of the going away and coming back, almost in a meditative sense - the hand moving, moving movement. The textual explorations can be read overlaid by imagery or on their own. The text acts as the point of exit from the room. Where the images represent the object, the text represents the object in relation to its surroundings. ‘the room, the book, the hand, the eye, the mind, the eye, the hand, the book, the room’. Across the pages written with relation to the space of the page will be texts that act to pull you through the object. ‘a continuous thought cuts across the space’.