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Copyright 2020
George Cullen

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three section sewn digitally printed books held together with a belly band


This work was created as part of the codex: between this and that project.

Three books addressing that moment between the decision and the action.

The fist "INTO OUT OF" explores the book as a catalyst to promote ideas. As you flip the book an image of a book animates, the pages turn. As you move through another image of a pile of papers gets blown around. The idea being that in reading you activate thoughts that exist outside of the book. The action and reaction to the process. An animation of the books pages can be seen here: + into / out of

The second book "CONVECTION WITHIN THE BOOK STRUCTURE" is a thought on the action that the book goes through when you read it. Imagine a convection current, hot air rises and cools then falls and is heated again. If this is applied to the book as the page rises it heats and as it falls it cools. Constantly though the book you get these circular motions of movement.

The third "TO EVERY ACTION THERE IS A REACTION" is about the design of the book. The pages hinged at the spine promote only one action from you to turn them. 'The book hinged here echoes the movement before it. A reflection on its axis, forced by design'. An animation of the books pages can be seen here: + to every action there is a reaction