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false flag
box containing two pamphlet sewn books and a folded handmade flag


The flag as a centre of action or the centre icon has both message and no message. The flag itself lacking clarity is falsified. The flag becomes useless. Does its ambiguity carry all messages? In its ambiguity does your relationship with the object change? Are you left in limbo stuck between meaning and uncertainty. Stuck between a familiar icon and an uncertain message. Where do you sit as a reader?

What I wanted to explore with the flag is the idea of icon. Not only has the flag written on it a indecipherable text it itself is indecipherable. It contains all the ideals of the flag. It can be waved around. But its meaning drops dead. Is the icon enough to warrant any meaning from it. Is in becoming so encrypted and unsure of itself leave it open to any meaning. Is it trying to be something its not? Does it void itself though its own ambiguity?