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here the room passes
Three pamphlet sewn books held by a rubber band


This book documents work from the 'Brief Permanence' exhibition in Cambridge.

Step into the room. Your eye caught in the text. The text read. The mind shifts. From the room to the page and almost instantly back again. As if the two spaces run parallel to each other. Spacial awareness and information fight for the minds attention. In one moment you are on the page and in the next you are in the room.

The book builds a closed space for reading. Two covers, the spine and you create a container for the transmission of information. How large is this space before it becomes the room. The open book can only hold you for so long and at a certain distance before you are made aware of the space. Can the open book command a distance? There is no distance when reading. The writing exists in your mind, it closes space. How far is your mind away from this information?